A Letter from Lia Sargent                            To Hall of Fame Gallery


Dear Collector,

"I guess I'll learn to take the good with the bad," sang Dion in his 1959 mega hit "Teenager In Love." I have recently had mega doses of each.

First the bad-recently I was a victim of the "Jack The Ripper" virus. Everything on my computer was wiped out including Windows and all my files. With great fear and the assistance of a technical support person I had to reinstall the operating system and all software. I lost all of my files including everyone's addresses. Therefore, I request that when you contact me for any reason you include your information including name, address and phone number. Credit card information is kept in a book, not on the computer, so we still have that in tact. 

At one point, I did not think it would be possible to have this catalogue finished in time. But the great beauty of the dolls energized me, healed me, and I soon forgot the ugly things in this world like computer viruses.

As for the good, and as for Dion, who is a life long friend of mine, last week I was his guest at the induction ceremonies for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, held at The Waldorf Astoria in New York. It was his long standing promise that when my favorite group, the British band Queen was inducted, he would make it possible for me to attend. They were and I did. Dion arranged for me to attend their rehearsal session and I got to meet Roger Taylor and Brian May. This was so thrilling for me as I am so devoted to the music of the late Freddie Mercury and his band, Queen.

So I decided it was time to honor the luminaries of the doll world and hence the theme of this catalogue-- The Hall of Fame. This is a ceremony and I hereby induct Wendy, Cissette, Lissy, Margaret, Maggie and Cissy who are truly the greatest of their kind.


Best Wishes,


 To Hall of Fame Gallery