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18" Hulda Mystery Doll (#23)

Though the origin of her name remains a mystery, Hulda is a very early and an extremely rare doll made in the transition year from composition to hard plastic in 1946. She is dressed exquisitely in the Godey style of the Nineteenth Century. Her waist length jacket of rich purple velvet is fashioned with wide pink satin lapels that match the fabric of the gown. Styled with a bustle effect in the back and rouching below the waist, it ties with pink satin ribbons in the back. A lace jabot at the neckline and lace frills at the sleeves. Magnificent bandeau hat of serious purple and pink flowers is tied with netting into a bow at the side of the chin. Hulda is painted in the style of the Mystery Dolls with feathered arched brows, black eyeliner and faux lashes. Beautiful cat-like green eyes. Mohair curls. This is a beautiful doll in the finest condition imaginable! Clover wrist tag included. $6500.

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